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Meet with industry Expert, Jimar Garcia

When you schedule a free consultation, you will book 30 minutes with our Founder and Chief Architect, Jimar Garcia. Jimar has over 20 years of experience automating business processes for organizations across numerous industries including: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, Logistics, and Government.


What to Expect and how to prepare for your meeting

When you meet with Jimar, come prepared to talk about how you are currently doing business and what metrics you would like to improve. For example: Customer response times, Data entry costs, Capacity, Audit response time/costs, etc.

If there are any important types of documents that drive your business process, it would be good to come prepared to talk about them.

At the end of the conversation, Jimar will likely ask when we can schedule a more detailed discovery session to understand more about your business. This will be between 90-120 minutes.

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